Open the G A T E S

Citizen journalism can be defined as a “contemporary form of journalism where editorial content is distributed via the Internet as opposed to publishing via print or broadcast”.

Source: Behind the News

Why is citizen journalism crucial to social media?

Without citizen journalism individuals would never hear the ‘full’ story. The public would constantly be fed filtered information by legacy media outlets. This is defined as the Gatekeeping theory. Gate keeping content is defined as the filtration of content, where persons working for legacy media outlets categorise what they believe to be media, news and unimportant information.

This can be dangerous due to “gatekeeping holding an influence on policies and procedures, playing the role of a watchdog within society or simply playing into the audience’s confirmation bias“. Resulting in bias within legacy media, this is why citizen journalism and a distributed network is important online. Having citizen journalists as well as distributed network online, allows for more information to flow freely to the public, without the risk of getting censored.

If you would like to learn more about the gatekeeping theory click here.

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4 thoughts on “Open the G A T E S

  1. Your explanation of gatekeepers was really informative, and I definitely agree that gatekeeping can create political biases and perspectives. My article this week commented on how the role of journalism is changing as a result of citizen journalism – and how instead of being ‘gatekeepers’ they’ve almost become aggregators of information. Rather than controlling what information is pushed out into the public, they choose which information to compile and support. When aggregated, information gains credibility and becomes valuable. Now that it’s become possible for the general public to publish their own information, it’s become more important than ever for journalists to further develop their “search and retrieval skills.”

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  2. Hi!

    I also agree with your statement of gate keeping creating bias which, in turn, highlights the importance of having a distributed network.

    Having the explanation of gatekeeping was handy as I really enjoy seeing what other peoples explanations and perspectives of the idea of gatekeeping is. I also did the same on my blog, along with an explanation of gatewatching. If you are interested you are more than welcome to check it out.

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  3. My take was similar to your as i too thought bloggers and ammeter reporters could be used by large news corps to shift through the news of the day for the truly important and then use their own resources to fact check and legitimize the work. People need to be aware that Facebook and twitter shouldn’t be where you get your news, it should be a start point for further research.

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